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Phillip Dorsett’s Week 1 performance showed off his progress in New England’s offense The thing about being fast is [url=http://www.officialpatriotslockerroom.com/elite-james-white-jersey]James White Jersey[/url] , when you’re fast and you happen to play wide receiver, and people figure out you’re fast, it’s tough to shake that “burner” label.And we all know what “burner” really means. A guy that does go routes and not much else. A one-trick pony, even if that trick is arguably the coolest play in football.Just look at Phillip Dorsett’s draft profile from NFL.com:And from Bleacher Report:We could go on. You get the idea. Phil’s not getting mistaken for Antonio Brown anytime soon.So on opening weekend with the Patriots receiving corps looking like they’re one player away from having to call Bill Murray to sub in, Dorsett did the only thing he could:Go forth and ball.Any Pats fan or fantasy player worth their Brady jersey already knows Dorsett’s stat line from Sunday’s W against the Texans - 7 catches on 7 targets, a tidy 9.4 yards per reception, and of course, his first trip to the end zone as a New England Patriot. That’s 101-level.It’s how Phil did it that should get anyone who just assumed he couldn’t harness the POWAH of his speed for anything but going deep more than a little excited.Hint: how many of those receptions were on go routes?Zero. Zilch. None of ‘em. A big old goose egg. Check this out:(Because I’m easily amused, please note that there are no “incomplete routes” shown. Cause Dorsett caught everything Brady threw him.)Is that a Patriots-esque set of catches, or what! You’ve got a couple slants, that out-route for the touchdown [url=http://www.officialpatriotslockerroom.com/elite-stephen-gostkowski-jersey]Authentic Stephen Gostkowski Jersey[/url] , another couple out-routes on both sides of the formation, and that one that he caught in space behind the line of scrimmage split out wide by himself. No long bombs, just good old fashioned Tom Brady putting the ball where the defense ain’t and Dorsett doing his job.You guys like videos? I know I do! Roll it! One more for the road: check out former NFL QB Dan Orlovsky’s analysis on the little finesse moves and attention to detail went into Dorsett’s first TD in blue and silver. This is what working on your craft when nobody’s watching looks like, kids:If you’re stuck at work or in class or something, here’s what Dan is saying: Dorsett understands the route and the play well enough to know that Hogan is drawing one corner to the outside, and if he (Phil) breaks his up-and-out route to the outside too early, that corner that’s covering him can jump it and pick it every time, just like they do in Madden when you try to throw that out-route too early. Instead, Dorsett’s patient enough to sell it and let the play develop, THEN make his move to the outside with nothing but green grass to his left and, bingo bango [url=http://www.officialpatriotslockerroom.com/elite-matthew-slater-jersey]Matthew Slater Jersey Salute to Service[/url] , 6 points on the board.This is going to be the Phillip Dorsett the Patriots need to survive, and not just for the next 3 weeks, either.Patriots bring in five players for free agency workouts Later today, the New England Patriots will play their much-anticipated week six game against the visiting Kansas City Chiefs. The team’s front office, however, has set its sights not just on the game: according to ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss, the team recently brought in five free agents for workouts. Let’s take a look at them.DE Will ClarkeSince entering the NFL as a third-round draft pick in 2014, Will Clarke appeared in a combined 55 games for the Cincinnati Bengals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Playing primarily as a rotational pass rusher, the West Virginia product registered 7.0 sacks over the course of his career – with 4.0 of which coming during his best season, 2016. Clarke, who also has special teams experience [url=http://www.officialpatriotslockerroom.com/elite-ryan-allen-jersey]Ryan Allen Jersey[/url] , was let go by the Buccaneers twice this season so far and hit the open market again earlier this week.QB Connor CookA fourth-round draft pick by the Oakland Raiders in 2016, Connor Cook served as the team’s third-string quarterback for his two years with the club. Due to being buried on the depth chart, the 6’4, 220 lbs passer appeared in only two games so far in his career – with his first career start coming in the postseason. Overall, the 25-year old completed 32 of 66 pass attempts for 311 yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions. Cook was let go by Oakland during this year’s roster cutdowns and subsequently joined the Carolina Panthers’ practice squad.LB Kasim EdebaliFollowing a career at Boston College, Kasim Edebali went undrafted in 2014. Since then, the6’2, 250 lbs linebacker has played for six different teams – the last of which the Chicago Bears, who had him on their roster this offseason. Overall, Edebali appeared in 61 games over the course of his career as a depth edge defender and special teamer. He saw most of his action with the New Orleans Saints between 2014 and 2016 [url=http://www.officialpatriotslockerroom.com/elite-kyle-van-noy-jersey]Kyle Van Noy Jersey[/url] , when he played 48 games and registered 8.0 sacks.WR Devin RossDespite a comparatively productive career at Colorado, Devin Ross went unselected in this year’s draft. Instead, the now-23-year old joined the Tennessee Titans as a free agent. The 5’9, 190 lbs receiver, who plays primarily from the slot, had a solid preseason – catching six passes for 80 yards – but injured his ankle in the final game before roster cuts. As a result, he was placed on injured reserve but later released with an injury settlement. His workout indicates that the settlement period is now over and Ross healthy enough to play again.TE Shane WimannAfter being named first-team all-MAC during his senior campaign, Northern Illinois’ Shane Wimann went undrafted. The Patriots picked him up as a free agent shortly afterwards but the 24-year old failed to make an impact and was let go again early during his first NFL training camp: Wimann was let go with an injury designation and reverted to the injured reserve list. The rookie and the Patriots agreed to an injury settlement two weeks later, allowing him to hit the open market again.
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